Stephan Mikés  sitarist / composer

Performing as Chakranadi with Riad Abdulsalam

At Disney's Animal Kingdom

"The sitar is back and one of its new contemporary masters is Stephan Mikés." -The Palm Beach Post

"A master at blending cool Indian-inspired ragas with up beat instrumental world jazz." - 20th Century Guitar Magazine

"Stephan Mikés has long been the foremost Sitarist in South Florida and one of the most respected in the US." - Peter Lavezzoli author of Bhiarav, The Dawn of Indian music in the West 



Special greetings to all our friends who have seen us in Anandapur, Disney Animal Kingdom!

The new CD ANIMAL TRACKS is now available!

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 The music player below has songs from other CDs that we also play in Anandapur!






"Plenty of unplugged soloists fill rooms with auditory delights.

  But this acoustician stands (actually he sits, in the lotus position, while playing) a world apart from the standard electricity free dude or chick. After decades of study,training, practice, and performance, Stephan Mikés Plays sitar at the master level, placing a karmic chapter in the book of cosmic music.

Barefoot and ponytailed, gentle but worldly, taught by the best on the planet, Mikés first enters another realm with his giant, stringed gourd-stick instrument across his lap. Then he begins to play tunes from one of his CDs and takes the listener to outer space and beyond.

Musical Valium one moment, fire ants in your eyes another, his is both tranquil and stirring music, complex yet smoothly engaging. Playing sitar is extremely challenging. Playing one a well as he does is as rare as a rabbi in the Himalaya mountains"

         -- New Times Miami for "Best Acoustic Performer" 

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